Marketing Yourself has changed

For three years “Marketing Yourself” invested time and money creating a website for individuals to offer and promote their services. This was aimed at improving the opportunities for people in the UK to create an income. The idea was based on an existing service, but specifically for the UK market. Unfortunately the average person in the UK was unable to locate the service, or could not be bothered with earning small amounts of money, typically £5 to £10, often for a few minutes work. It has been highly successful in the American market and internationally with more than a million members.

New Direction

If you tried to find the old version of this website, sorry the services section are no longer available. We offer interesting information from some of our other websites, see the selection below. All of these websites were create so that anybody can locate the information required quickly.

Drachsi is a service for business owners with an existing website. Just owning a website does not mean it is fit for purpose. The site offers a lot of free information to help the site owner decide what to do when changes and additions are needed. If you care about your site it is worth your time.

Northampton Marketing provides value for money marketing services for the small business owner. A limit budget means we are more creative in how we market a website and a business.

Mystery Shopping is the service of evaluating a business from the customers point of view. For many years this applied to physical buildings, stores, hotels, restaurants etc, now with the Internet a major source of company information, the service has gone on-line. Not understanding a customers requirements and experiences, is possibly the biggest fault the majority of businesses make.

Northampton Business Directory is a free local business Directory for Northamptonshire. The majority of people like to shop locally and use the Internet to locate companies providing products or services. As every business owner knows, being top in search results for the company is not possible without a large budget. A popular Business Directory enhances the chances a company will be found closer to the customer.

Hosted Affiliates provides the service or the solution for building an on-line sales network at a manageable cost. If the cost of a sale is already known, this makes it likely that profit will be larger.